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About Us | HeikkiMäri

HeikkiMäri is an online Household, Home & Garden store that specializes in adding a little more Nordic elegance and simplicity to your life. That way, you can relax, enjoy life on your own terms and focus on what really matters.
From baby products to bedding and personal organizers, to plasticware and elegant décor, our catalogue is constantly growing with exciting new products for your household, home and garden that will help you simplify your life, even if you are on a budget.

Our Mission
HeikkiMäri is on a mission to capture the Nordic spirit of a simple lifestyle and express it through our growing catalogue of products for your household, home and garden.
On the outside, the process looks simple, but, behind the scenes, we search the world for the best manufacturers, products and prices. Next, we get the middlemen out of the picture to keep the prices down, and then we create a catalogue of everyday products that radiate simplicity and elegance.
The results? An intuitive catalogue that is constantly growing with high quality items delivered to your doorstep.

Our Vision
HeikkiMäri is not your typical online Household, Home & Garden store, cold and distant. We actually listen to your needs and want you to have a great experience from start to finish.
Put simply, we value each and every one of our clients and don’t hold back when it comes to delivering high quality products that harmoniously blend elegance and simplicity at competitive prices.
Now, we are part of the lives of countless happy clients who rely on HeikkiMäri to keep their life and home organized, cheerful and elegant with the simplicity that only the Nordic lifestyle knows how to offer.
Looking ahead, we plan to grow and expand our catalogue of products and categories, but our approach to work, dedication to our clients and vision will remain unshakable.
Ready to Discover the Nordic spirit? It’s Easier than Ever!

P.O.Box 7082
Long Beach, CA 90807